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IBM LCM2 8 Port KVM Switch (39M2877)

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IBM 39M2905 LCM2 Local 8

KVM Console Manager 39M2877

Switch Unit With Accessories


The IBM® Local 8 Console Manager (LCM2) appliance integrates analog keyboard, video, and
mouse (KVM) switching technology with advanced cable management, access for two
simultaneous users, and a user interface. The LCM2 appliance has USB and PS/2® ports on the rear
panel that support all major target device platforms.

The following words are used throughout this documentation:
• appliance - equipment that provides KVM connectivity to attached target devices
• CO cable - a Conversion Option cable that, when attached to the appliance and a target device,
provides additional functionality such as virtual media sessions
• switching system - a set of appliances and attached target devices and CO cables
• target device - equipment such as a server or router that is attached to an appliance
• user - a KVM connection from an analog port on the appliance
• virtual media - a USB media device that can be attached to the appliance and made available to
any target device that is connected to the appliance

Features and benefits
On-screen management through the OSCAR® for IBM graphical user interface provides easy
system configuration and target device selection.
Figure 1.1: LCM2 appliance
2 Local Console Manager Installation and User’s Guide

Intelligent cables
You can use the following Conversion Option (CO) cables with the appliance.
IBM 250 mm KVM Conversion Option (KCO) - PS/2 and VGA connectors
IBM 1.5 M KVM Conversion Option (KCO) - PS/2 and VGA connectors
IBM Virtual Media Conversion Option (VCO) - USB2 and VGA connectors, required for
virtual media connections
IBM USB Conversion Option (UCO) - USB and VGA connectors
Figure 1.2: Examples of CO cables
These intelligent CO cables with Cat5 design dramatically reduce cable clutter while providing
optimal digital display resolution and video settings. The built-in memory of the CO cable
simplifies configuration by assigning and retaining unique target device identification codes for
each attached target device. This integrated intelligence enhances security and prevents
unauthorized access to a target device through cable manipulation. The CO cable is turned on
directly from the target device and provides Keep Alive functionality when the appliance is not
turned on.
The CO cables enable direct KVM connectivity to target devices that are attached to the appliance.
Each LCM2 appliance has eight analog rack interface (ARI) ports for connecting CO cables.
The CO cables that work with the LCM2 appliance support target devices with PS/2 and USB
ports. When using the OSCAR interface in conjunction with CO cables, you can easily switch
between platforms.

Virtual media
The LCM2 appliance supports virtual media when connected to a VCO cable. You can use virtual
media support to connect USB media devices to the appliance and make those devices available to
any connected LCM2 appliance. Use virtual media to move data between a target device and a USB
media device that are connected to the appliance. You can install, upgrade, or recover the operating
system; update the BIOS code; or start the target device from a USB drive through the virtual
media capabilities of the LCM2 appliance. To open a virtual media session with a target device, the
target device must first be connected to the appliance using a VCO cable.
KCO cable VCO or UCO cable
Chapter 1: Product overview 3
OSCAR graphical user interface
The LCM2 appliance uses the OSCAR interface, which has menus to configure the switching
system and select computers. You can list target devices by unique name, eID (electronic ID), or
port number.
Use the OSCAR interface to protect the switching system with a screen saver password. After a
user-defined time, the screen saver mode engages and access is prohibited until the correct
password is entered to reactivate the switching system.
Operation modes
The OSCAR user interface provides various operation modes for system administration of the
LCM2 appliance. Use these modes (Broadcast, Scan, Switch, and Share) to manage the switching
activities. See Chapter 3, “Basic operations”, beginning on page 19 for more information.

The LCM2 appliance provides optimal resolution for analog VGA, SVGA, and XGA video. You
can achieve resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 depending upon the length of cable that is separating
the appliance and target devices.
Flash upgradability
Upgrade the LCM2 appliance at any time through the network port to ensure the appliance is
always running the most current available version. See “Appendix A” beginning on page 45 for
more information.

Tiering expansion
The LCM2 appliance features an analog console interface (ACI) port that you can use to tier
between appliances using only a Cat5 cable. The LCM2 appliance allows for three levels of tiering.
You can connect a maximum of 512 target devices with three tiers of LCM2 appliances. See
“Tiering LCM2 appliances” on page 12 for more information


Product specifications
Target device ports
Number 8
Cable types VCO, KCO, and UCO
Connectors RJ-45
Sync types Separate horizontal and vertical
Plug and Play DDC2B
Video resolution Local Port Maximum 1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz
Serial port
Number 1
Type Serial RS-232
Connector DB9 female
Analog port sets
Number 2
Type PS/2, USB, VGA, and ACI
Connectors PS/2 miniDIN, 15 pin D, RJ-45
(H x W x D)
4.37 cm x 43.18 cm x 20.32 cm; 1-U form factor
(1.72 in. x 17.00 in. x 8.00 in.)
Weight 2.6 kg (5.75 lb) without cables
Power supply
Heat dissipation 92 BTU/Hr
Airflow 8 CFM
12.5 Watts
AC-input power 40 Watt maximum
voltage rating
100 to 240 V ac Autosensing
Appendixes 53
current rating
0.5 A
AC-input cable 18 AWG three-wire cable, with a three-lead IEC-320 receptacle on the power supply
end and a country or region dependent connector on the power resource end
AC-frequency 50 to 60 HZ
Ambient atmospheric condition ratings
Temperature 0o to 50o Celsius (32o to 122o Farenheit) operating
-20o to 60o Celsius (-4o to 140o Farenheit) nonoperating
Humidity 20 to 80% noncondensing operating
5 to 95% noncondensing nonoperating
Safety and EMC approvals and markings

Manufacturer No

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