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TRENDnet Arrestor Kit (TEW-ASAK)

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Quick Overview

Ensure protection from unpredictable weather conditions

Multiple lightning strike and bi-directional protection

Save repair expenses; no need to replace equipment after a lightning strike



The Outdoor Arrestor Kit provides lightning protection for your wireless equipment. By adding a simple arrestor to your wireless antenna, you can reduce the costs in damaged switches, access points, or other network devices. Simply connect the Outdoor Arrestor Kit directly inline between your Access Point and your outdoor antenna cable, and connect the ground wire to a ground pole.

  • Supports dual band 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n and 5GHz 802.11a wireless devices
  • Multi-strike capability and bi-directional protection helps protect devices from the erratic and unpredictable nature of lightning
  • Color coded cable and adapter sleeves ensure easy installation
  • Easy-to-install wall mounting
  • No configuration or installation software required


Electrical Specifications

➽Frequency Range

DC ~ 6GHz

➽Tensile Strength



2.0:1 max ( DC ~ 6GHz )

➽Insertion Loss

-1.2dB max (DC ~ 6GHz )

➽DC Breakdown Voltage

90V + 20%

➽Impulse Discharge Voltage

5KA min (wave 8/20 μs)

10KV min (wave 1.2/50 μs)



➽Insulation Resistance

DC 50V > 10000MΩ

Mechanical Specifications

➽Connector Interface

➽N-Type male to Reverse SMA female

➽Body Material (Arrestor)



- 20°C ~ 70°C (-4°F ~158°F)

➽Surge Arrestor

Embedded with 60cm extension cable


200g (7.05oz.)

Grounding Wire Cable Specification

➽Grounding Wire Cable

18 AWG

➽Rating Voltage


➽Rating Temperature

105°C (221°F)

➽Conductor Resistance

6.64 MΩ/KFT 20°C

➽Insulation Resistance

2.5 MΩ/KFT 20°C, in water

➽Voltage Withstand Test

2 KV/min, in water

Cable Convertor Extension Cable

➽Inner Conductor (Solid BCCS)

0.94 mm (0.037 in.)

➽Dielectric (Foam PE)

2.79 mm (0.110 in.)

➽Outer Conductor (Aluminum Tape)

2.95 mm (0.116 in.)

➽Overall Braid (Tinned Copper)

3.53 mm (0.139 in.)

➽Jacket (PE)

4.95 mm (0.195 in.)

➽Bend Radius: Installation

12.7 mm (0.5 in.)

➽Bend Radius: Repeated

50.8 mm (2.0 in.)

➽Bending Moment

0.27 N-m (0.2 ft-lb)


0.03 kg/m (0.021 lb/ft)

➽Tensile Strength

18.2kg (40lb)

➽Flat Plate Crush

0.27 kg/mm (15 lb/in.)

➽Cut-off Frequency


➽Velocity of Propagation


➽Dielectric Constant


➽Time Delay

4.17 nS/m (1.27 nS/ft)


50 ohms


80.3 pF/m (25.4 pF/ft)


0.21 uH/m (0.064 uH/ft)

➽Shielding Effectiveness


➽DC Resistance (Inner Conductor)

24.9 ohms/km

(7.6 ohms/1000ft)

➽DC Resistance (Outer Conductor)

16.1 ohms/km

(4.9 ohms/1000ft)

➽Voltage Withstand

1000 Volts DC

➽Jack Spark

3000Volts RMS

➽Peak Power


➽Storage Temperature Range

-70° C ~ 85° C

(-94° F ~ 185° F)

➽Operating Temperature Range

-40° C ~ 85° C

(-40° F ~ 185° F)

Manufacturer No

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