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TOPTRO X5 1080P Projector 5G WiFi Bluetooth 5000 Lumens

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Quick Overview

1. Native 1920 X 1080p, Upto 4K Support.
2. 5000 Lumen brightness.
3. 15000:1 high contrast ratio.
4. Image Edge Processing Algorithm.
5. 100%-50% Zoom function.
6. 2.4G/5G Dual-band WiFi, Support Screen Mirroring.
7. RGB+BP Brightening Technology.
8. CM Color Processing Algorithm.
9. Color Gamut: 85% NTSC.


The TOPTRO X5 WiFi projector launched this time is a cost-effective masterpiece that the TOPTRO team has painstakingly researched and developed for more than four years. It solves the limitations of LCD imaging technology, its hardware configuration and experience are among the forefront of the LCD projector industry.

2.4G+5G Dual-Band WiFi , Too Fast to Imagine

Using the latest WiFi chip, 5G channel transmission speed is faster, and effectively avoid signal interference, transmission is more stable, whether it is receiving through the wall or in the corner of the room, online HD video playback is smoother.

Wireless Screen Mirroring, Easy Connection

There is no need to download and install the screen mirroring software, the projector can connect to a mobile phone or tablet easily . Watch movies, Video chat, Online class, Play games, Work at home, small screens will become large screens in one second, opening up a new world of large screens.

Wired Screen Mirroring, No WiFi can also Achieve the Screen Mirroring Interaction

There is no WiFi around, at this moment you want to enjoy the big screen. Turn on the network, or open the downloaded videos on your mobile phone, you only need a data cable to realize the mobile phone screen projection and experience the fun of the big screen.

Vivid Image: Native 1080P Resolution ( Support 4K HD)

Resolution refers to the pixels on the projector screen, the higher the pixels, the finer the picture and the better the picture quality. The resolution of the projector is determined by the chip. X5 WiFi projector adopts advanced high performance chip, which can realize real 1080P, it can project bright, vivid and delicate images. And X5 projector supports 1080/60HZ refresh rate, so the video will not be stuck, and you can enjoy the movie feast.

High Brightness: 5000 Lumens

The high brightness of the X5 projector allows the picture to be clearly presented even in the case of weak indoor lighting, making the projection more fascinating than ever. But in order to get a better viewing effect, we recommend that you use this projector in a darker environment.

High Contrast Ratio: 15000:1

TOPTRO X5 native 1080P projector output modulation can achieve a 15000:1 contrast ratio while minimizing power consumption. The high-contrast performance adds depth, dimension and realism to the video, and can define the details in the shadows even when the light and dark scenes are frequently interchanged.

Color Optimization and Edge Blending

TOPTRO X5 outdoor projector adopts CM color processing algorithm to realize 85% NTSC wide color gamut and more accurate color reproduction. CM technology is a color technology that optimizes optical design. It adjusts the light output according to the color requirements to achieve pure white, and achieves delicate and accurate color reproduction without sacrificing brightness, and the projection screen is closer to the color of the movie itself. And the X5 projector has realized the image edge processing algorithm upgrade, which can effectively distinguish the edge of the object and the processing details, and improve the picture clarity. Through the LCD imaging, single-screen or multi-screen projection allows you to be completely immersed in it.

Bidirectional Bluetooth Tech, Marching Towards the Bluetooth 5.1 Era

TOPTRO X5 projector uses advanced Bidirectional Bluetooth Technology, giving you more choices.

1. When watching movies, X5 projector can be connected to Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth earphones to meet your needs for superior sound quality.

2. When not watching movies, X5 projector can be connected to a mobile phone and a computer via the Bluetooth, the projector can be used as a Bluetooth speaker alone, the music is everywhere.

The TOPTRO X5 home projector uses the latest Bluetooth chip 5.1, the data transmission speed is twice that of Bluetooth 5.0, the data transmission capacity is increased by 200%, not only the transmission speed is fast, but also more data can be transmitted. With Bluetooth 5.1, you can get rid of the audio cable and experience the joy of convenience.

4P And 4D Keystone Correction, Side Projection is Also Square

Breaking through the traditional 4D keystone correction, the TOPTRO X5 projector adds an innovative 4P keystone correction. By individually adjusting each corner of the image, X5 projector's 4-angle adjustment eliminates any skewed or distorted images in deflection angles or confined space installations To get a perfect picture. Let you get rid of the limitations of space and location, you can easily project from any angle, and you can watch movies more freely.

Break the Space Limit and Easily Project the 100 Inch Screen

Are you still worried that the room is too small to project a large screen? TOPTRO X5 WiFi projector subverts people's impression of the traditional projector, with a shorter projection distance, it can easily project a 100 inch screen. It solves the needs of today's small rooms, rental rooms and other use scenes, easily build a family private theater and enjoy the smooth experience brought by the 100 inch screen.

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